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Aquamarine: History, Symbolism, & Power

by Laiza Villanueva 28 Feb 2022 0 Comments

Aquamarine, March’s birthstone, radiates calming energy from the ocean. Most of the symbolism and meanings associated with this gorgeous sea-blue stone come from the stories of ancient sailors, seafarers, and mariners.

The History of Aquamarine 

Aquamarine is truly the Sailor’s Stone. Ancient Greeks and Romans relied on this gem to protect sailors while at sea. The adventurous sailors brought these sea-green crystals with them on board their ships to ensure they would have safe passage to and from each destination.

Most especially, they held the stones tight during storms as they believed aquamarine protected them. Overnight, the sailors slept with the crystals under their pillow for a sound, restful sleep to prepare for the next day.

Worn on a necklace or a ring as a talisman, these aqua stones were thought to calm the waves. In extreme situations, the Greek sailors would toss their prized aquamarines into surging waters during a storm as an offering to Poseidon. As they placed their hope in pleasing the sea god, they watched and waited for the seas to calm down. Ancient mariners believed that wearing an aquamarine stone would also curb the onset of seasickness.

Aquamarines are historically also celebrated as every mermaid’s prized possession. 

Ancient Egyptians were known to wear aquamarine carved in the shape of animals. This preserved vital energy and warded off premature death. On the other hand, Ancient Romans added curing procrastination and laziness to the list of why they wore special amulets. Also, the blue-green crystals were visual aids for people with eyesight problems. In fact, rumors suggest that Emperor Nero wore the gemstones to help improve his ailing sight.

What is Special about Aquamarine?

Aquamarines are associated with clarity, tranquility, harmony, and serenity. As the first spring birthstone, this exquisite sea blue crystal also represents rebirth and transformation. Every aquamarine gemstone embodies youth, vitality, loyalty, purity, truth, and hope. In addition, aquamarines must embody all of the healing qualities of the sea, too. So, some people say they hold the power to heal our oceans and the land.

The Spiritual Meaning of Aquamarine

Aquamarines, the Stone of Courage, carries power for personal development, too. Crystal experts believe that using aquamarine stones helps people access deep inner wisdom. In turn, this empowers the user to stay true to their core values, express feelings openly, and communicate from the heart.

With this activation of inner courage, aquamarines inspire the wearer for greater creative expression, enhancing writing and artistic skills. This self- alignment promotes kindness and empathy, which engenders trust and more peaceful relationships with others.

Aquamarine Myth

One myth about this crystal says that to dream of this gemstone signifies you will make new friends. Another myth says that if you wear aquamarine earrings, they will bring you love and affection. In the Middle Ages, these stones were believed to guarantee happy marriages, inspiring mutual fidelity in the newlyweds.

Benefits of Wearing Aquamarine

Aquamarine stones have several benefits besides helping to boost your self-confidence. The color brings a sense of joy and harmony, encouraging a sense of playfulness.

These crystals help wearers heal from past emotional traumas more holistically by cooling anger and smoothing conflict. Wearing aquamarine jewelry can create a clear-thinking mind and a calm heart in challenging times. Add some stress relief, uncovering and healing suppressed emotions and instilling a feeling of peace and harmony, and you know why people love to wear aquamarine.

There are many benefits to wearing aquamarine. Of course, perhaps the biggest benefit is how stunningly beautiful it is and how it complements any spring or summer outfit!

Where to Find Aquamarine

Mined mainly in Brazil, aquamarine is also found in Zambia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Madagascar, and Mozambique. Large gemstones have been discovered all over the world. One in Brazil weighed more than 240 lbs. Aquamarine grows as a big, six-sided crystal up to 12 inches long, making it a great stone to cut and polish into large carats for bold statement jewelry.

Is Aquamarine Expensive?

A lower to mid-range quality aquamarine will range between $5 and $100 a carat. Over 10 carats, a mid-range stone costs between $150 and $200 a carat. High-quality stones are much more expensive. Overall, aquamarine is much more affordable than diamonds, even in large carat weights.  

In Summary

In addition to the ancient symbolism in the history of aquamarine, and current meanings attributed it, this is one absolutely gorgeous gem. Perfect for a March birthday gift or a spring celebration. This exquisite stone brings the hope and transformation of springtime any time of the year. Check out the collection of beautiful aquamarines at JNCY Jewelers today.

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