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Amethyst: History, Symbolism, & Power

by Natacha Metayer 15 Feb 2022 0 Comments

Amethyst, the February birthstone and the gem for 6th wedding anniversaries, has been prized for centuries. The most popular quartz crystal, amethyst, is the most protective and powerful stone. The gorgeous, semi-precious violet stone is used in jewelry and for healing. Royal jewelry collections worldwide include amethyst, from ancient Egypt to British crown jewels. There is even a stone at the Smithsonian weighing 400 pounds.

The History of Amethyst  

Amethyst was discovered in France over 25,000 years ago. Ancient civilizations valued the violet stone even more than sapphires and rubies. Bishops in the Catholic church wore rings with the purple color that symbolizes Christ. 

During the Renaissance, this brilliant gemstone was engraved with animal symbols for security and protection. The stones also stand for modesty and humility, even though powerful monarchs used the crystals to symbolize royalty. Many cultures worldwide recognize the magic of this mystical, mesmerizing gemstone.

What is Special about Amethyst?

A special characteristic is that it turns yellow when heated to 750 to 950F. So, most yellow quartz in the world is really amethyst that was heated. Today, amethyst is a semi-precious crystal, but traditionally, it was a precious stone. The beauty shows through in the gemstone’s natural, raw state when it is cut and polished into jewels.

Spiritual Meaning of Amethyst

These eye-catching crystals bring forth pure aspirations. The Greek word ametusthos means not intoxicated. So, for centuries, it was used to prevent drunkenness and overindulgence by carving out drinking vessels made from it. In ancient China, it was used to clear negative energy. Feng Shui considers amethyst crystals as helpful for wealth enhancement. 

When used along with mediation, the crystal has been known to help people develop a deeper understanding and find greater peace and tranquility. Many find it easier to solve life problems since the crystal may help decision-making processes to acquire more workable solutions to many challenges.

Amethyst Myth

The story goes that the ancient Greeks believed that Dionysus, one of their gods, discovered the purple gemstone. Greek mythology states that amethyst was actually a pure, young woman. Dionysus got angry with her after he got drunk on red wine. When the woman amethyst called out for help to the goddess Diana, the girl was transformed into white stone (quartz). Dionysus soon realized what happened and felt bad for what he did. His tears dropped into his red wine goblet. The goblet spilled the red wine spilled over the white rock, saturating it into the purple quartz we know today.

Benefits of Wearing Amethyst

This powerful and protective stone has many benefits.

  • Stress Relief – Soothes irritability, dissipates anger, anxiety and fear, and balances mood swings.
  • Activates Spiritual Awareness – Healing and cleansing powers are activated by enhancing intuition.
  • Sobriety – A sober mind reduces over drinking and overindulgence that leads to addiction.  
  • Insomnia – Calming the mind and body for restful sleep and helping remember and understand dreams.
  • Hormones – General metabolism to balance the endocrine system.
  • Immune System Boost – Helps fight and eliminate disease, purifying blood to reduce pain and stress from physical, emotional, and psychological sources. Especially useful for diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, skin, and the digestive system.
  • Guards Against Psychic Attacks – Protective Amethyst crystals guard from all kinds of suffering, including spiritual assaults and other external assaults. 
  • Emotional Healing – Helps grieving and dealing with painful experiences or personal loss. It strengthens the constitution by bringing inner strength and emotional stability.
  • Aura Cleansing – Cleanses the aura while stimulating the crown and throat chakras. That’s why amethyst jewelry is recommended for wear near the heart or throat.

Where to Find Amethyst  

For some time, amethyst gems were of the same value as diamonds. Then great discoveries in South America and other places in the world created a greater supply. The crystals are on every continent. The largest producer is Brazil, processing over 3,000 tons a year.‍

Is Amethyst Expensive?

For a stone that used to be as costly as a diamond, ruby or sapphire, amethyst is very affordable. Even higher grades of cut stones range from $20 to $30 a carat, with fine pieces reaching $40 a carat. The value almost completely depends on the color. Since the stone is so plentiful, there is no reason to pay a lot for a piece with visible inclusions or inferior cuts.

In Summary

The beauty of amethyst uncut or in jewelry is undeniable. Wearing a piece around your neck near your throat or a longer necklace (or brooch) near your heart provides physical protection. Any amethyst piece you choose offers exquisite style, whether you believe it will protect you or not. 

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