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Emerald Shape: Let's focus on the shape

by Natacha Metayer 15 Mar 2022 0 Comments

For the diamond cut that always brings an impressive yet understated wow factor, look no further than an emerald cut. The sleek, polished look of an emerald cut diamond offers a stunning, subtle sparkle with a classic undeniably gorgeous unique look. Especially popular among celebrities, this cut style for diamonds is an ideal, timeless choice for engagement and anniversary rings for women of all ages. 

Things to Know When Buying an Emerald Diamond

Emerald diamond cuts are both traditional and exceptionally trendy. Angelina Jolie and Beyoncé have kept this classic style in the spotlight recently. Yet, the traditional, vintage look makes the emerald diamond cut a genuine classic Art Deco style. With the cycle of jewelry fashion, this vintage look has made a huge comeback. Easy to wear, this style dresses up and down for both daily wear and formal wear. With dramatic but absolute brilliance, these emerald cut diamonds are incredibly sought-after today!

Know the Shape: What is an Emerald Shape Diamond?

Let’s start with the biggest question, “Why does this diamond shape refer to another precious stone – the emerald, anyway?” The answer is quite straightforward. Emeralds inspired this diamond cut. And now, emerald cut diamonds are some of the most unique gemstones as only 3% of diamonds worldwide are cut this way. Their elongated form, large table and linear facets, make them rare and desirable.

The hall-of-mirrors effect produced by this special diamond cut exhibits a fusion of light and dark planes. The long lines and the unusual play of light and shadow exude graceful charm with the Art Deco style flair.

What Clarity Should I Chose for the Emerald Shape?

When cutting an emerald cut diamond, the top surface area of the gem, the table, creates a clear and unobstructed view right into the stone’s center. The gem opens up for easy viewing, and every inclusion becomes clearly visible, making it impossible to mask any blemishes. The wide table creates a stunning impression while revealing every flaw in the stone.

So, clarity is critical to consider when you want to purchase an emerald cut diamond. This cut shows straight, clear expanses of light, with no light scattering about to hide the inclusions. That’s why round and princess cuts are so popular – the light scatters about and hides all the flaws. 

Because you can so easily see the inclusions in emerald cut diamonds, choose a VS1 clarity or higher. But if inclusions exist, hopefully, they aren’t in the middle of the stone.  

What Color Grade Do I Look for When Buying an Emerald Shaped Diamond?

Like clarity, color becomes more obvious and visible in emerald cut diamonds. Their large table and clean step cuts show more of the color than other shapes. So, the color is easily noticeable.

Emerald cut diamonds of color grade I or less will clearly look yellowish. With the naked eye, you are less likely to notice the yellow tint at color grade G or better. It is safest to choose a stone at or above a G color in emerald cuts.

To optimize for a spectacular emerald cut diamond, a D color, Internally Flawless clarity may not look better than VS1 clarity with an F color diamond. Although D/IF diamonds have better technical qualifications, the F/VS1 diamond could have better brilliance.

Also, consider the metal of the setting. Cooler tones of platinum or white gold can support a G color grade or better. With yellow or rose gold, the warmer tones complement lower color grades like I or H.

What Setting Best Suits an Emerald Shape Diamond?

Because emerald-cut diamonds are simply stunning by themselves, the setting should enhance the stone’s beauty. Simple halo or solitaire settings are by far the most popular ring settings.

How Much Does an Emerald Cut Diamond Cost?

Emerald cut diamonds are generally 20-30% less expensive as compared to round diamonds. But depending on the quality, prices range from $3,500 to $8,000 for a 1 carat ring. 

Overall, emerald cut diamonds are more affordable. They are rarer than princess or round cuts, but they are also less popular. Their uniqueness makes them more inexpensive, but they remain of the highest quality.

In Summary

The emerald cut diamond is an ideal choice for the stylish woman who prefers a more unique look in an engagement or anniversary ring. More affordable prices make a more spectacular ring possible for the same investment in more ordinary styles. Whether she loves all things vintage or follows celebrity trends closely, this stunning rare diamond cut will delight.

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