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by Natacha Metayer 24 Jul 2019 0 Comments



Last week we all agreed that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. We learned the history and personality types of the Asscher, Pear, and Oval cuts. This week we will delve into the round, princess, and marquise cuts. Let’s get those details we need to make our diamond decision.



The round cut is by far the most popular and is often used as a solitaire in engagement rings, earrings, or pendants. Approximately, 75% of all diamonds sold are round cut.  This shape has been around since the 1700s but has been modified throughout the centuries.  A beautiful twist to the modern round cut diamond features 57 facets (a small polished surface of a cut gem). This cut is for the lover of classic, a whimsical soul, and the women who love language is quality time.



The princess cut is arguably the most fashionable cut for engagement rings. The princess cut was created in the 1980s by Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz. The princess cut is traditionally a square cut with all sides being equal but there are rectangular version of this diamond. This diamond cut suits the fashionista. The women with the latest edition of a Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar magazine. She knows what styles are in season and those that are not. She will never be on someone's fashion don't list.



The Marquise diamond name comes from the Marquise of Pompadour (it is rumored that King Louis XIV of France had a stone made to resemble her mouth shape). The diamond is usually long and narrow which allows it to create the illusions of a larger size. Also known for its football shape, eye shape, or boat shape, this cut is very unique but not widely seen on an engagement ring. This ring is for the women who is like none other, and the one willing to take chances/risks, and stands out among the crowd.


We will wrap this series on our next post with these additional cuts (cushion, radiant, heart, and emerald)

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