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by Natacha Metayer 09 Sep 2019 0 Comments



So let’s wrap this diamond series up with the history and personality types of these cuts: cushion, radiant, heart, and emerald). Let’s get into the details.


Cushion cut was once known as the old mine cut, which combines a square cut with rounded corners. This classic cut has been around for over 200 years and in its early existence was the most popular cut. The cushion cut ring is making a resurgence and is now being spotted on many designs. This cut is definitely for you if you like tradition and want to stand out from the crowd.






The mix of the cushion and princess cut birth the beautiful radiant cut. That square silhouette and trim corners makes it an exceptional choice for your piece of jewelry.  Radiant cut diamonds are faceted, allowing them to give off the max brilliance.  This cut is the perfect ring for all women as it’s the perfect balance between beauty and strength. This is the overall perfect cut for all.



Undoubtedly, the most unique cut in the diamond family. This very popular cut is unmistakably a symbol of love. This cut is very popular in rings as well as solitaire pendants.  Back in the 15th century, this cut was gifted by royalty as a sign of friendship. History books show that Mary Queen of Scots once sent a heart-shaped diamond for Queen Elizabeth. This is the perfect cut for the hopeless romantic.



The emerald cut is a different kind of diamond. While most diamonds are brilliant cut, which creates sparkle and brilliance.  However, the emerald diamond is created by step cuts of its pavilion. This step cut creates flash of light known as the hall of mirrors effect. The perfect cut for the women who like to be different, goes against the grain, but still loves beauty.

This wraps up the series on the diamond cuts. Many cuts may speak to you and your personality. However, the best diamond cut is the one that lights up your life.


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