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Tips On Caring For Jewelry

by Natacha Metayer 13 Nov 2019 0 Comments

Understanding how to care for and protect your jewelry can keep them in its original condition for many years to come. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • If possible, remove your jewelry before starting any activity that might damage it, such as playing sports, cooking or gardening.
  • To ensure the life of your 14k or 18k plated jewelry, do not expose it to water. 
  • Avoid any contact with cosmetic or household products, since they contain ingredients that could discolor your jewelry.


  • Fine jewelry should be removed before going into a chlorinated swimming pool or before using household cleaners. Many of these cleaners contain ammonia, which can be too harsh for delicate gems or vintage jewelry.
  • Chlorine bleach, another common household solvent, can pit or damage gold alloys.
  • Avoid contact with moisture and liquid cosmetics; this includes lotion, sunscreen, and perfume as this will affect the finish. 
  • Remove jewelry when bathing, showering, or exercising.
  • Jewelry should be stored when not in use in your Amour JNCY pouch, ring box, or jewelry box.
  • Clean the jewelry after use with a soft cloth.
  • Remove jewelry before going to sleep.
  • Chains should be closed, wrapped up and laid flat so as to avoid the formation of knots.
  • Jewelry boxes that feature individually padded slots for rings and posts for hanging necklaces and bracelets are also ideal.
  • To clean your diamond jewelry, use a soft toothbrush and dish soap and gently scrub gold and diamonds. Do not clean pearls with any chemicals, abrasives or solvents.

  • Most colored gems can be cleaned with warm water, mild dish soap (no detergents) and a soft brush. Be sure to rinse your jewelry in a glass of water to remove cleaning solutions.

  • When traveling, protect your jewelry pieces from scratches or impact damage by padding it in a separate box or travel case.
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