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How Important is Diamond Color in Your Jewelry?

by Natacha Metayer 02 Oct 2020 0 Comments
You don't have to talk to a diamond connoisseur very long for them to mention "color." It's one of the 4Cs of Diamond grading, "Carat Weight, Cut, Color, and 
Clarity." And better color means better quality (and paying more) but how important is color really in your diamond?

What is Diamond Color? 

Let's start with the basics of what your jeweler means when they talk about the color of a diamond. Most diamonds have hints of gray, yellow, or brown. The natural traces of nitrogen present during the diamond's formation under the Earth's crust show up as the colors. It is rarer to see less color, so the less color, the higher the value. The less color a diamond has, the more light passes through to release more brilliance. A diamond is a prism that divides the light into the spectrum and reflects the light as flashes, called "fire" or "dispersion." Color in a diamond diminishes the spectrum of fire by filtering the light. So, diamonds with a higher color grade (less color) shows a more colorful fire. When you buy a diamond, you'll see they are graded by the natural color from D through to Z. D is an exceptionally white colorless diamond and Z is a slightly yellow stone. Most diamond jewelry uses stones within the grades D-J. Even the lower end (J) color is hard to see without using magnification. The grading system comes from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). 

How Important is the Color of Your Diamond? 

Since few people will take a magnifying glass to your jewelry, color is about making an informed decision. With diamonds, you get exactly what you pay for. Better diamonds cost more. So, when do you decide the extra quality is worth it? If you want an impressive-looking diamond at a lower price point, here are a few tips to make the most of your investment:

  • Colors up to J need magnification to detect. Purchasing within the G-J range costs less but still looks good on her finger.
  • The F-H range is a great budget conscious choice, but your ultimate color choice is based on your metal choice.
  • For a yellow gold mount, a stone in the color range H to J complements the ring. The yellow in the diamond and the yellow in the mount cancel each other out, making the diamond appear colorless.
  • For a white gold mount, choose a diamond in the ranges from D to F to showcase the stone's brilliance.
  • If you like a shiny stone, focus on a higher cut and compromise on the color. This gives you a larger carat weight stone for the same investment.
  • Certified stones come with specific color grades. If your jeweler gives you a range of grades, this is only an estimate based on their experience. It is always best to check the diamond certificate.

In Conclusion 

So, the answer is: COLOR is important, but not the way many people think. Less color means higher quality, but not necessarily for every situation. When you are informed it is the best solution. If you have any questions about diamonds and diamond jewelry, we're always here to help at JNCY Jewelers.

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