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5 Cute Ways To Announce your ENGAGEMENT

by Natacha Metayer 02 Jan 2020 0 Comments

So, the love of your life just proposed. Congrats sis, you’re now engaged! So now you have to let the world know but it has to be original, cute, and viral-worthy. Well, we’ve got a few engagement announcement ideas for you to help reveal that you and your S.O. are officially together forever.


  1. Take a Mug Selfie

One of the cutest ways to reveal your engagement is by taking a mug selfie.  Get one those fancy mugs that says, “Future Mrs., Does This Make Me Look Engaged, and Yes, I’m Engaged.”

  1. Holding hands

Another cute way to reveal your engagement is by taking the classic holding hands photo but zoom in on that rock.


     3.   Pet makes the announcement

 Who doesn’t love pets? They are apart of the family and make everyone say aww. How cute is this pup letting us know, “My mom said yes.”



      4.   Hand-written messages 

One of my personal faves, the handwritten has so many options. You can write something that has a lot of meaning or simply let the world know, “I said YES.”


  1. Children makes the announcement

Kids make everything better and involving them in your big announcement is not only heartwarming but awesome. The sweet gesture says  family forever. when complemented by a shiny engagement ring.


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