We are proud to share a commitment we have made to create a better tomorrow for our earth. 


Sustainability is at the heart of the way we do business. We believe our actions, and those of our suppliers are critical to the ecosystem and our future. We seek out manufacturers who share a commitment to our values, as well as internationally recognized standards. At all times we encourage best practice, ethical diamond sourcing, and environmental protection. 


A main priority of JNCY Jewelers is responsible business practices. We will continue our  focus on partnerships with companies whose values are socially and environmentally conscious. They hold companies accountable for their claims. Gold and other precious metals should be mined and refined in a sustainable and responsible manner that respects both the needs of humanity and our environment.Our position on responsible mining procedures goes much further than the gold mining process itself. It encompasses all aspects of gold: appropriate mining methods on conservation, remediation and fair labor practices. It also includes proper refining; correct handling of aqua regia acid, scrubbing fumes, and clean emissions.Only specific, branded gold bars and grain are acceptable in our production operations. And we internally recycle up to 98% of raw materials used in our production.We require that our vendors maintain policies and procedures, which mandate social and environmental responsibility for both themselves and their suppliers.


JNCY Jewelers has always been and will continue to be committed to conducting all phases of our operations in the most ethically environmentally and socially responsible manner possible. We take this promise very seriously and use it to draw procedures and decision making in all areas. However, our commitment to sustainability includes more than just the many green initiatives we have in place.  It also includes conducting our business in a way that is professional as well as socially responsible.  This requires a close partnership with our suppliers to ensure that our products are produced in the most ethical way possible.  Taking care of our employees wellness and safety to maintain a happy and healthy workforce. We also strive for operational excellence in everything we do. We hope this information allows you to buy with confidence.